Hong Kong Quickie

Since I had a few hours to kill before my connecting flight to Koh Samui, I hopped on the train with a gaggle of other Asians and headed downtown.

The 20 minute train ride packed some pretty sick views of the island – although judging from the expressions of my fellow travel mates, I might have been alone on these sentiments:
Even though I only had a short time window, it was a seriously solid decision. I just kept my goal list short and sweet:

Goal #1
: Consume a steaming bowl of noodz
This was some seriously delicious soup, y’all. Shitake mushrooms, dumplings, pickled greens and napa cabbage goodness all for less than $5! Serious Bourdain moment. The only downside was walking into a PACKED dim sum house with a full belly 5 minutes after killing this bowl… Goal #2: Find an outdoor market situation

I gotta say, I like my greens neatly stacked and my street fish bloody. Major layover success in HK!

On to Thailand!

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