Honeymooning in Koh Samui

Late last night I arrived at the Vikasa Yoga Resort in Koh Samui and was promptly greeted with a fresh young coconut speared with a Tropicana straw. To a weary traveler, it tasted just as magical as I’d imagine unicorn tears to be. The hotel grounds are situated on a massive hillside, so the porter had me hop on the back of his motorbike (coconut in-hand) and descend a gnarly incline to reach my bungalow. The only clue to the view that awaited me at daybreak was the hypnotic sound of crashing waves that kept me up all night. Who am I kidding, it’s day 3 and clearly I’m still jet-lagged AF. 

Yep, definitely awake at sunrise:    (Not that I’m complaining about that view!)

On the real, Koh Samui is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just the right mix of relaxed islander with a sprinkle of hippie peace and love. It’s also evidently ripe with lov-ahs, which has only enunciated this party of one. Now, I’m no stranger to the game of solo-adventuring, but all this eatin’ and prayin’ has clearly catapulted me to a new echelon of singledom. I gotta say though, honeymooning solo is pretty great even in a sea of newlyweds.  This morning, I joined an excessive number of freshly cut wedding bands for a 2-hour yoga class in the studio (above) a few steps from my bungalow. Together, we channeled our chakras and banged out a few early-morning sun salutations while overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand. 

After class, I consumed this rainbow of a breakfast and took in yet another dreamy view from the comfy seat of a bean bag. (Big high brow / low brow fans here) 

After breakfast, I descended some rather precarious stairs to a secluded beach for some Vitamin D and a photo shoot that I am way too embarrassed to share in its entirety. Off-camera, I splashed about in the warm bath-like waters and climbed rock over rock for some quality Little Mermaid moments. To be clear, this was not the premise for said photo shoot. #partofyourworld

Just two others were on the beach with me this afternoon: a leathery male snorkeler and his Thai boo – supplying further evidence to my honeymooner theory! 

Rounded out the night with another yoga class then passed the fuck out. Mama’s tired and will def be sore tomorrow!

One more day at the beach and then I’m off for a week-long silent meditation. Wish me luck!

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